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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Webb Testimonials

Breast Reduction

Kindness from all of the staff at the Plastic’s office was the best part of my experience.

Dr. Webb is extremely knowledgeable and the kindness and compassion of her and her whole team made the decision to have a procedure done so easy. The whole team took great care from start to finish.

Having the procedure has freed me from my repulsion of myself. I no longer focus on how my breasts look in or out of clothes. I feel great.

- Anissa, Marion


Neck Lift & Bleph

The staff being so helpful was the best part of my experience. They explained everything that was happening and that was going to happen. They helped me through the experience and helped me gain my confidence back.

Dr. Webb knows what she’s doing. I was very pleased with the surgery. Dr. Webb is not only good at her work; she is also a very likeable person, friendly, kind and helpful.

Having the procedure helped me gain back my confidence. People around me noticed how I was changing in my looks. They said I was looking nice, and wanted to know what was going on. If you have confidence, that means everything. Thank you, Dr. Webb, for helping me feel so great about myself again. I am so very pleased now with how things turned out. Thank you so much.

- Patricia, Marion


Saline Breast Augmentation

When you walk into the door the staff was there to help. From there it only got better when I met Dr. Webb. She helped me to feel confident in myself and didn’t question my reasoning. No one enjoys having small breasts. I can now say I am a moderate size and wouldn’t go back to the way I was.

Dr. Webb is easy going and easy to talk to. She makes you feel comfortable and understands situations. It’s truly the personal connection you receive. I’ve dealt with many doctors where you are just a number, to Dr. Webb you are not.

My procedure changed my life. Overall, having this surgery has changed me as far as confidence goes. After having my initial stomach surgery due to an MVA, I was concerned with my body. I had always concerned about my small breast, so this was a compensation. I had the surgery because I didn’t/don’t know when my last day will be, so I might as well be happy with my body. I love them!

- “Sarah”, Carbondale



Receiving quality of care and compassion without having to go out of the area is what I consider the best part of my experience. I felt like they were my family. You don’t get that when you have to travel to other areas.

The way I was treated would make me recommend Dr. Webb to my family and friends. Not a lot of doctors give you a hug when you are finished with their services, it was a great feeling. I love my new look and I’m looking forward to having more done in the future.

Everybody says weight loss is about getting healthy, and it is, but it is also about how you look and feel about yourself. Having skin removal is the next step in the process for me. It has changed how I feel and handle myself.

- Kathy, Herrin


Breast Reconstruction

After receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 47, and feeling like my world had been turned upside down, I have to honestly say that the main “best part” of my experience was meeting Dr. Webb.

From the first meeting and throughout all my visits, she has made me feel like I was her only patient and nothing in this world mattered except for me and what I was going through. During my experience with breast reconstruction, I’ve had to meet with Dr. Webb many times; each time was always the same, friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff.

Dr. Webb is the best doctor I’ve ever had in my whole life! She is so caring and empathetic, and has a skill and knowledge that’s out of this world! Going through any cancer is horrible, but going through breast cancer is so personal. Just knowing I was going to have both of my breasts removed was demoralizing in itself; but, then knowing I’d have reconstructive surgery and treatments was beyond what I could imagine. Through all of it, the entire breast team was by my side. Dr. Webb led the way for helping me to be upbeat and how to feel like a beautiful woman again. Every experience is different, but Dr. Webb will always put you first and take care of your situation with the utmost skill, knowledge and professionalism that makes her the best doctor that she is! I can’t ever thank her enough for all that she’s done for me.

I am not lying, having cancer is just horrible, but having a doctor who is also your own personal cheerleader just makes it all better! Dr. Webb has given me encouragement and my femininity back. I truly believe that she is the best plastic surgeon EVER! I feel beautiful with or without my top on. I am proud to show the results of her work. After it’s all said and done, I am more proud of my body now than I was before!

- Leah, Murphysboro



Dr. Webb and her staff are wonderful! From my first appointment to the day of my surgery, and the days following, it was all great.

Dr. Webb is very caring and very “down to earth”. She is easy to talk to and is wonderful at what she does. I can’t say enough good things about her. I have already recommended her to friends and family.

I can wear sleeveless shirts!! For the first time in my adult life I feel comfortable letting my arms be seen. After major weight loss, my upper arms were big, flabby and very unsightly. Dr. Webb did an amazing job on my brachioplasty. I would most certainly recommend her to anyone. My results are truly amazing. Thank you!

- Audra, Eldorado



Everyone at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery was wonderful to me!

I would, and have, recommended Dr. Webb because she is very personal with her patients. She wanted to make sure I loved my results and wanted to make sure I was happy.

My procedure gave me back my confidence! I can wear a swimsuit again without feeling self conscious about the way my breasts look.

- Gabrielle, Murphysboro


Upper Bleph

I trusted everyone that helped me at the Plastics office.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Webb to family and friends.

This procedure has changed my life. Everyone says I look much younger and rested.

- Donna, Carbondale



Dr. Rivera-Serrano Testimonials

Lower Eyelid Bleph

From the evaluation, to price, to the staff and doctor – all the way – great!

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rivera-Serrano to family and friends. Great doctor!

- Robert


Right Parotidectomy and Left Parotidectomy with Facial Nerve Dissection

Dr. Rivera-Serrano and Pamela Wright, LPN, were the best part of my experience! The heartfelt concern and second-to-none care far surpassed any and all interactions I have ever had with any other healthcare professionals. They both treat their patients with a high degree of respect and back it up with knowledge and experience.

My recommendation would come from my personal direct experience with Dr. Rivera-Serrano. He happens to be one of the most intellectual people I have ever met. His intellectuality, coupled with his absolute desire to provide the best possible care ever is the very reason I would recommend Dr. Rivera-Serrano to the people I love the most. He truly is the BEST of the BEST!

I had aggressive tumors infiltrating my face and neck. I no longer have the tumors. He successfully removed them, avoiding a high degree of facial paralysis. My facial nerves were exposed and handled with care. I look better and because of my intervention with Dr. Rivera-Serrano and Nurse Pamela Wright, I AM A BETTER PERSON! I honestly love them both as family. Thank you so much! I will never forget either of you.

- John


Breast Reduction

The best part of my experience was that I felt totally comfortable with Dr. Rivera-Serrano. He is professional and has a very calm manner.

Dr. Rivera-Serrano went above and beyond by driving a prescription to Mt. Vernon. He called our home to check on me after the eyelid surgery.

The breast reduction procedure has cured the aching back and improved my posture.

They eyelid procedure has corrected dropping eyelids.

- Marsha


Face Lift and TCA Peel

The best part of my experience was great results and awesome people. I cannot say enough about Dr. Rivera-Serrano and his staff. They make you feel right at home, not to mention that Dr. Rivera-Serrano is an excellent plastic surgeon. He is genuinely concerned about his patients. He personally takes the time to call his patients after surgery. Dr. Rivera-Serrano is the whole package.

This was such a positive experience of undergoing plastic surgery. The results are amazing and the journey was pleasant. From the receptionist to the doctor and Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, everyone was courteous and I had a very patient friendly experience.

I am 60 years old and I look like I did 10 – 15 years ago. Just look at the before and after pictures! I am so happy with my face lift!

- Vicky


Breast Reduction

I loved my experience at Plastics. My favorite part is when I went to the OR and noticed the nurse, Pam. Me: Pam is that you? Pam: Yes, it’s me. Me: You came! Pam: Yes, I told you I would. Me: Smiles . . . ahhh . . .sleep.”

Dr. Rivera-Serrano is very professional and soft spoken. A very gentle person with gentle, precise hands--very talented and gifted.

This procedure changed my life greatly! I can wear clothes I love, my back pain has decreased, my body is proportioned . . . I am elated!

- Marjorie